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        1. PVC/PVG Solid Woven Belt

          Cate:Light-duty belt     Read:590     ReleaseTime:2019-02-27

          Applications & features:

          ?  Especially suitable for material conveying at inflammable of underground coal mines.

          ?  The fabric is high in strength and low in elongation and the light carcass is shock resistant, anti-tear and good in trough ability.

          PVC Solid Woven Conveyor Belt:

          ?  Suitable for applications in dry conditions at an angle of less than 16 degrees.

          ?  Cover thickness can be from 0.5 to 4 mm.

          Nitrile Covered PVG type:

          ?  Suitable for applications at a slope angle of less than 20 degrees, and thickness can be 1 to 8 mm.

          ?  Resistance to wetness, slip, low temperature and weariness


          Standards: MT914, BS3289 and HG2805

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